The Sick Chick is now Crafting for Causes!

Chronically ill adults are overlooked by most “help the disabled” programs. There’s no Make a Wish program for fibromyalgia, no flowers and teddy bears for arthritis. I think it’s time that that changed, don’t you?

Here’s what I pledge: Any craft items donated to The Sick Chick Crafting for Causes will all go toward making treats for the chronically ill, their carers and medical professionals who deserve our thanks. I’ll make stuff out of raw materials or pass them on to other crafty folk whose budgets have been hit by disability and who would love to be able to craft. Any other items donated will also be sent to chronically ill & support people. If there’s anything that can’t possibly be used this way it will be donated to other crafting for causes groups.

What do you pledge? Send craft supplies (can be old stuff lying around in your stash!!), blank cards, little gifts or anything else that you think might brighten the day of a chronically ill person. Craft books/instruction materials will be used by me to make things or passed on to other chronically ill crafters. Small monetary donations would be appreciated to cover my postage costs. Every donor will be listed on this website (with a link and optional small button going to your website). Major donors will get banners the donor page and rotating throughout crafting pages. Alas, I don’t have the money or cognitive ability to get set up as a registered charity so gifts are not tax-deductible at this time.

Now taking monetary donations and US postage stamps!

Bonus! If you send crafting supplies you’re not only helping the recipients, you’re helping me by giving me materials to craft with. That’s two people in one go!

Caveat: Remember that I am chronically ill too, as are most of my family. So please don’t be too upset if you find me giving things to my grandmother, etc. We’re all just as deserving as the others! But I promise not to give more to them than to any other individuals. Also, I am starting with a list of deserving people that I already know, which is longer than my arm. So I’m not taking nominations for care packages yet, since I have more recipients in mind than I can handle already. Sorry!

Got any questions? Send em to me via the box at the bottom of this page.

You can send donations to:
The Sick Chick
P. O. Box 201023
Austin, TX 78720-1023

Please drop me a note (via the form below) when you have mailed something so that I will know to be on the lookout for it. I don’t get to the Post Office (or any other place not my house!) very often but I can send a representative to pick things up for me.

Thanks to everyone and I look forward to crafting for the chronically ill & carers!



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